sobhhï ‘2019 freestyle’

sobhhï returns and flexes on his neo-noir visual, "2019 freestyle."

The sleek confidence and magnetism of alternative-R&B artist, sobhhï, returns with his neo-noir visual for his track “2019 freestyle,” noted as the artist’s first music video. Momentarily straying from his signature “trapsoul nocturnal” sound, the freestyle approaches a classic ’90s hip-hop production than previous releases, and carries a similar, boastful mindset. Acting as an introduction to the artist’s label and clothing line, NUIT SANS FIN (night without end), the accompanying video streamlines the artist’s brand, intention, and attitude for the rest of the year.

Hopping between time zones, the self-directed video takes scenes from sobhhï’s normal haunts such as San Francisco, Dubai, and New York City, for a rich curation of an active nightlife filled with models and picturesque views. Leading with A Tribe Called Quest’s line by Phife Dawg — “it’s 1991 and I refuse to come wack” — the objective to not be like others in the same stream is presented from the start.

Sobhhï then proceeds to introduce each member of the NSF collective through double entendres, clever wordplay, and a slow burning, mellifluous flow, while still managing to intertwine Arabic when he can: “Fuck up outta here with that la’eem (لئيم) shit / Bet if you confronted, you be on some ‘whatchu mean’ shit.” Directly calling out those who talk with envy in their voice, sobhhï’s effortless and controlled confrontation becomes one of the best, alluring traits of the track.

The monochromatic montage, which sees peaks of colors, is a clean illustration for what is to come from the artist on the second half of 2019, which will continue to highlight the versatility of sobhhï in sight and sound.

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