Priests and Sons of an Illustrious Father Rock The Teragram Ballroom [Photo Gallery]

Priests and Sons of an Illustrious Father rock The Teragram Ballroom, June 27th in Los Angeles. All photos, Justin Bieggar.

DC’s own Priests are on tour and currently a long way from home. Living legends of politically-charged, energetic punk entranced fans this night at the best city opposite their own with Polyplastic and Sons of an Illustrious Father. Another solid night at Teragram warrants arriving a little early, and of course I elected to circle the block one too many times to find the coveted parking space everyone else missed. 

Polyplastic is a band I covered a while back for another publication and opened tonight’s show. Their style promotes a certain intimacy with the crowd as we are summoned to analyze and relate. The late parking took my attention and I missed them this round, but I replayed their Fox Theater Pomona show in my head as I headed into the changeover. The crowd murmurs known well at Teragram kicked in, promising an imposing presence among a show I’ve been eager to see.

Illustrious Father (Justin Bieggar, GUM)

Sons of an Illustrious Father took the stage moments after I found my spot in the crowd. I settled for rear-right in this wide venue, catching their nonchalant intro that quickly kicked into an impassioned howl directly to the muses of all present. The three piece alternated instruments without a seam in sight. Who is this band? It’s my first time all around but needless to say they took charge of the crowded murmurs known well at Teragram.

Closing it out was Priests. Cover of the night. Singer simply introduced themselves as “a band about to play some music”. They opened strong but hit a snag after their intro that led to some back and forth with two fans, who casually mention that this show is a bucket list item ready to be checked. “Jj” brought us back and when drummer switched to vocals, the crowd gave way to the all too eager dancers. But Priests don’t rest on their laurels. They wooed the crowd with cuts from their latest record, The Seduction of Kansas, adding to an already solid roster by Sister Polygon.

Priests (Justin Bieggar, GUM)


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