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Roofers Union Craft Whimsical Slice of Art-Pop on ‘Tortugas’

Brooklyn's Roofers Union craft an gluttonous-sonic brand of indie, art-pop and alt-rock on their latest single "Tortugas."

Brooklyn’s Roofers Union craft an gluttonous-sonic brand of indie-pop and alt-rock on their latest single “Tortugas,” it is impossible to keep up with each turn. Filled with wielding vocal runs that are executed in a striking flare by frontman T.C. Tyge, the track isn’t just a simple slice of catchy dynamics, but a well portrayal of contrasting elements.

“Everybody has some problem, some terribly flavored pathology to their life that they’ve never quite been able to shake. Whether it’s addiction, anxiety, heartbreak, chronic jealousy, loneliness,” explains the band. “‘Tortugas’ isn’t so much about what the issue is as much as how tenacious it can be. These troubles will always be watching from a distance, creeping slowly toward you.”

Carrying a weighty core, the track’s rapid heartbeat denies this ideology — almost mirroring that of a hare running away, with the notion that the tortoise will arrive. The immediate uptempo demeanor rides hi-hats before Tyge’s first wash of vocals enter. Bright guitar chords memorably talk, mirroring the melodic vocal imitation and cultivate delicate transitions that aren’t detectable upon first listen.

Laughing off and fully acknowledging the troubles within each verse, a cynic aurora is felt and swirls around the track’s break, which is ultimately eaten alive by the tight rhythm section — while each listen thrusts another layer to be dissected.

Solely absorbing the construction, “Tortugas” embraces and runs a multi-dimensional, 8-bit course that sees the band thriving. Roofers Union’s vigor continues to allure and justly displays their fresh take from concept to delivery.

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