Junaco’s New Single Inspires Calmness During Uncertainty

Junaco’s new single, "In Between," evokes the sense of feeling lost, not with defeat but with a calm resignation.

It is, perhaps, free will’s greatest privilege and misfortune: the ability to lose all sense of direction in an apparent world of possibilities. Junaco’s new single, “In Between, evokes the sense of feeling lost, not with defeat but with a calm resignation. And just as there is beauty in Shahana Jaffer’s soothing voice and Joey LaRosa’s warm and melodious guitar, there is beauty in surrendering to the unknown, in floating through the waters of limbo, in between conviction and self-doubt.

“I know this is the way I have to go; but I don’t know,” Jaffer sings, reminding me of the many times I wanted someone, anyone, to assert that I was going in the right direction; as if that someone could have a special lens into my future, or at least, some customized algorithm for calculating the chance of a favorable outcome to my decision. Then again, it is said that the best way to get to know a new city is to get lost.

Lately, it seems that there are more roads; more choices in retail, lifestyle, entertainment, etc., than there is physical time. But what a privilege that is to be in a position to feel lost, to have the curiosity and strength of mobility and simply put, to have the pleasure of choice and the luxury of time to fail and try again.

Perhaps this is why I find “In Between” so beautiful. I like it for the healing tone of Jaffer’s voice, for the composition of the song that changes tempo just as life does, and for LaRosa’s calming guitar. It is that exact sense of healing and calmness that is needed in a world where uncertainty abounds, because some choices take more valor than others, and it is never quite known if it best to take the risk or not. But I do believe that for all those minds “in between”, surrendering to one’s present and knowing one is doing his or her best, leaves one with the sense of inner peace this song kindles. 

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