Yuna Conjures Inner Superhero on ‘Pink Youth’ Visual Feat. Little Simz

Yuna continues to be the superhero songstress we all need, fittingly depicted on her latest video for "Pink Youth" featuring Little Simz

Yuna continues to be the superhero songstress we all need, fittingly depicted on her latest video for “Pink Youth” featuring Little Simz. The animated video follows the two artists in the future saving the world from forces, powers-that-be, who attempt to capture all the color and hope from the world. Taken from pages of a comic, “Pink Youth” effortlessly conveys a multitude of ideologies, most importantly the strength of a girl that is overlooked.

“When I was writing ‘Pink Youth’, I wanted to celebrate being a girl,” explains Yuna, “When I was younger, I remember a lot of people didn’t believe in me just because I was girl trying to do something amazing…this song is for all the girls out there, who never got the encouragement & support they deserve.”

Conceptualized by Yuna and Adam Sinclair, the video was written, directed and edited by Esteban Valdez, with executive producers Carl Jones and Brian Ash (The Boondocks, Black Dynamite), and sees the videos’ direction celebrate every aspect of oneself through a creative, visual narrative and tedious brush strokes.

Sonically, the lush electronic and R&B groove slides into an addicting dance production and is brought to a fuller grace by Yuna’s vocals. Little Simz balances light textures and mirrors onto the visual, for a spot on replication of the video’s climatic bursts. Taken off her forthcoming album, Rouge, which is out July 12 via Verve Forcast, the taste of new music is a clear and loving peace from Yuna that draws much anticipation.

“I’m a Muslim singer-songwriter, but I never saw myself as that,” she explains, “That label became more obvious to me as I moved to LA…it was really cool that everyone I met supported the fact that I do my own thing and don’t sacrifice my identity for the music.” Yuna describes her new album, noting that “the whole album is about how I am with myself: I’m comfortable with my relationship, with my focus on my career. It’s the color of becoming this woman I am.”

Yuna Tour Dates

July 14
Bottom Lounge, Chicago, IL
July 16
9:30 Club, Washington, D.C.
July 17
Sony Hall, New York, NY
July 18
The Sinclair, Boston, MA
July 25
The Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
Aug 2
The New Parish, Oakland, CA

1. Castaway (feat. Tyler, the Creator)
2. Blank Marquee (feat. G-Eazy)
3. (Not) The Love of My Life
4. Teenage Heartbreak (feat. MIYAVI)
5. Pink Youth (feat. Little Simz)
6. Forget About You
7. Likes (feat. KYLE)
8. Amy (feat. Masego)
9. Does She (feat. Jay Park)
10. Forevermore
11. Tiada Akhir

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