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Carmody Shares Divine Cycle of a Songwriter on ‘Dreamweaver’ Ahead of Forthcoming EP

Carmody returns with a celestial single and reflective lines on "Dreamweaver."

Construed from a deep slumber yet tangled in the burst of a potent awakening, Carmody returns with her single “Dreamweaver” taken off her forthcoming EP, Catching Blue, due this September. While the record is aimed to explore five “different kinds of sadness,” it is safe to say that “Dreamweaver” seeps into a reflective mood on the spectrum, and beautifully sets up the remaining range of emotions to be dissected.

Continuing to pour from an electro-soul production, the track’s down-tempo assertion focuses on Carmody’s penned imagery, laying down a celestial ideology. As sadness results from a loss, there is still an abundant comfort presented by Carmody through and for a songwriter and what was sacrificed for the story. Carmody conducts each note almost spiritually and eases into the right amount of layered vocals and strings, contemplating each word and simultaneously finding independence as a natural storyteller.

“‘Dreamweaver’ is about the life of a songwriter, spending countless hours weaving stories from a multitude of sources and putting every piece of feeling we can into them in the hope they might bloom,” explains Carmody on the track. “When we send songs out into the world, it sometimes hard to know where they came from, I think some writers believe they’re channeling deities, others (like myself) can only really write about things they’ve personally experienced. But I guess there’s always a hope that they will resonate in someway, but you never really know what journey or life the song will take after it’s been written.”

Carmody continues: “When I went to Nashville last year I met so many songwriters all with their own stories, creating out of conversations, making art from their days and listening very intently to each other in the hope of finding their next song. It was an interesting place to write in and when I met Kevin Dailey (who I wrote the track with) ‘Dreamweaver’ felt like a song that had always been swimming around in my lungs, but for years I hadn’t known how to let it out. I remember after I wrote it i text my friend in London and said ‘this feels like the song I’ve been thinking about and trying to write my whole songwriting life’. And that is the wonderful sorcery of songs, you never quite know when they’re going to appear.”

Reflecting on the subjective nature of art, which is the true beauty, the track nods to all who continue to throw their art into the world with the hopes of its own survival.

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