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Ramonda Hammer Wears a Heavy Heart on Debut Album, ‘I Never Wanted Company’

In a scene filled with adversity, Ramonda Hammer’s record is driven by loneliness and eagerness for independence.

Ramonda Hammer, a grunge four-piece band from Los Angeles wears a heavy heart in a heavy music scene. Compared to the band’s past EP in 2017, Destroyers, their music has elevated and expanded, led by the creative and inspiring Devin Davis, who fronts the band.  Their debut album I Never Wanted Company, released on June 14th, brings its edgy, raw, and honest piece of art to fans’ lives.

Power chords, breathtaking in tone in a visceral way, drive every song to a special place in your heart and soul, a place where you feel comfort. With straightforward, witty, and emotional lyrics, lead singer Devin Davis’s vocal range will tear up your heart, rip your soul, and give you the memorabilia of 90’s grunge.  In a scene filled with adversity, Ramonda Hammer’s record is driven by loneliness and eagerness for independence.

The first track on the 10-track album, “You’re Invited,” is written with gripping, hardcore and clever lyrics. Listeners imagine the message conveyed within the writer’s a well-crafted theme.  Davis writes, “All death/It’s got me thinking that I’m next /Not yet/My hand’s confirmed what’s in my chest.” From the start of her lyrics until the end of the first verse, fans feel like they know her. Devin’s words, like letters of sadness in broken disheveled diaries, give meaning to the suffering that everyone has been through.

The second track, “Hoax,” comes with an interesting structure as the song is built upon hearing the sound of heavy noise. When reading the lyrics, you understand the songs emotive force in a more fashionable way with the rhyming scheme of: “We will have to save ourselves/Blunt but thoughtful nonetheless/We are hiding way down low/Sacrificing limbs for rope, a hope hoax.”

Photo: M.Haight

“Better View,” the third track, generates a good songwriting view. The song is intellectual rather than just aesthetically pleasing to the ear. The chorus lyrics, “We’ve reached a high, I’m trying to show you /A better view while I’m trying to know you Reached a high/I’m trying to show you /A better view is better for you and I,” are on point and musically driven with a great build.

“Who’s The Narcissist?” The band’s sixth track is the gem of the record, cascading in melody with abundance. The music propels the track as the lyrics spell out the reality of the music industry. With well thought out dynamic angles, the writer creates unexpected twists and turns, spelled out by the band’s reaction to the music industry with deep passion and strength, “We don’t leave each other this time /We have to play out the contract we signed/Hired help by the universes Maybe that’s just me, the cards read and they hissed.”

The last track, with a haunting, melancholy introduction, “Everlasting Love,” reads as a bookend of what the songwriter wants: ever lasting love.  With lyrics uniquely written in style and form, Devin’s witty words are extremely relatable. “This is how it goes my friend, everlasting love is a trend.”  These lyrics are reminiscent of 90’s grunge, as Devin’s words of alluding to teen angst, are beautifully written and cleverly put.

Ramonda Hammer continues their summer tour with recently added dates in the U.S..

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