Sequoyah Murray Announces Intimate Debut Album, ‘Before You Begin’

Sequoyah Murray follows-up latest track with announcement of debut album. 'Before You Begin,' due out September 13th.

With a rich voice informed by synthetic textures, Sequoyah Murray is a seasoned musician who crafts concise and exquisite songs. His latest track “Penalties of Love”, recalls the attachment and resonance that come with love. As subtle instrumentation is introduced into the narrative, Sequoyah’s vocals are gently guided into a nostalgic atmosphere. With this boundless approach to his expansive compositions, the young 22 year old announces his debut album Before You Begin out September 13th.

His forthcoming work continues to build upon the Penalties of Love EP, a gospel driven vocal collection of songs. Featuring complex instrumentation shaped by sounds of West and North Africa and a seamless approach to improvisation, Sequoyah Murray strikes a balance between playful and clever compositions.

As the artist grew up in Atlanta, Before You Begin hopes to take listeners on a historical fiction of the singer’s life. Drawing from the city’s thriving hip hop scene as well as the more obscured jazz and improvisations scene, Murray’s creative lyricism and song structure continues to reflect and evolve these traditions. With Before You Begin, Sequoyah Murray offers listeners an intimate self-portrait that embraces his sonic framework and wealth of ideas.  

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