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Miesa ‘Unsaid’

Miesa dives into the things left unsaid after a heartbreak on her silky R&B single, "Unsaid."

All, if not most, can relate to the baggage held when silencing feelings, especially after any type of relationship. Miesa dives into this concept on her latest single “Unsaid,” taken off her forthcoming EP, and utilizes unresolved emotions towards an act of closure.

The Manzur Zafr production (Monica, Whitney Houston, Mary J. Blige) and Jackson penned track present a heartbreaking scene for Miesa to navigate through. “Unsaid” unfurls as a slow burning and “coming to terms” ballad, melded with a contemporary R&B melody, and contains great instrumentation breaks. Sly jangle-pop guitar chords and distortions eventually make their way near the end and adds the right amount of fulfillment and dynamics for the track. Miesa’s sonance and sleek vocal runs wrap-up each verse in a loving display, still emotive but with enough composure to not drown in the unsaid thoughts.

“I’ve come to realize that without honesty, there really can be no closure, which is why this song feels so personal,” said Miesa. “We don’t always get to be honest with someone that we are in a relationship with and sometimes when we do, it’s already over.”

“Unsaid” is a highlight of what Miesa will explore next on her forthcoming EP, and the single is available on all streaming platforms.

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