Anthony Troli’s Short Comically Showcases Satisfaction of Listening to ‘Sad Music’

Anthony Troli explores the satisfaction of listening to sad music on his latest 60 second short film, alongside LA comedian, Christine Medrano.

The satisfaction of intently listening to sad music that will very well trigger the past and reincarnate former lovers is a state of masochism we’ve all accepted. Anthony Troli understands these sentiments and comically portrays what it’s like being a fan of sad music on his one minute snapshot of sorrow — thanks to Bon Iver, The XX, and The National.

The Los Angeles based writer, who has spent the last years writing comedy for Funny or Die, Netflix, and Columbia Records, aims to be a better millennial (according to himself) by creating 60 second short films. Alongside Troli, “Sad Music” follows Los Angeles comedian Christine Medrano and her smeared mascara streaks to Troli’s place, but not to be comforted, instead criticize together how the latest EP by The XX didn’t leave them clinically depressed. Thank goodness for The National to save the day: “When I close my eyes I can actually see a montage of me and her slowly falling apart, and oh my god, it is so painful…this shit rocks.”

Troli’s direction of the video not only poked fun of us all who self-inflicts via sad music, but managed to leave a sense of relief — if anyone is truly suffering — that hardships will pass; one of the great things about comedy.

“I believe comedy has to come from a real place so I often try to take my own growing pains and play with them in a ridiculous way,” explains Troli. “As a huge fan of indie music, I thought that emotional ballads were a perfect way to tap into this. Whether it’s a new Bon Iver track, or a sad song by one of the many other bands my parents have never heard of, I fully expect to be taken to the ninth circle of my own personal hell. Why? Because I’m a weird boy who is a little too in touch with my emotions. Who isn’t these days?”

Christine Medrano (Sad Music, courtesy of Anthony Troli)

GUM doesn’t normally share comedy videos, despite being adoring fans, but Troli’s “Sad Music” brought up too many unresolved issues within our careers, we needed a constant reminder embedded on the site.

Christine Medrano may be found within Los Angeles performing stand-up, as well as regular appearances on Good Mythical Morning. Anthony Troli’s shorts can be found on YouTube and as well on his Instagram

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