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Molly Moore ‘i love you but i don’t like you’

An admonitory heartbeat is the first taste of Molly Moore's grieving process on her latest single "i love you but i don't like you."

An admonitory heartbeat is the first taste of Molly Moore’s grieving process on her latest single “i love you but i don’t like you.” The New York native and Los Angeles transplant comes as a fresh producer, and a bit of an entrepreneur — constituting for half of the prog-pop duo Cosmos & Creature. On her solo endeavors, Moore adjusts to a bitter sweet, alternative blend, and highlights raw emotions candidly.

“Oops I got your blood on my hands” implements the warning shot which Moore casually pulls from her holster to set the scene. Developing into a downtempo, and progressive pop/R&B fusion, Moore’s realistic standpoint, in regards to any type of relationship, is a piece of what makes this track delectable upon first listen — not to mention the directness that is adored initially in the title.

“Sadness is like a costume that you can’t take off. Being in a long term relationship and grieving is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to navigate, especially when anger and confusing emotions are displaced onto the other person,” states Moore. “It almost sometimes seems easier to leave and isolate yourself so you don’t have a negative impact on the people closest to you.”

Honing in on the confusion are the blunt lines embedded in each verse — “It’s not what we did / It’s what we didn’t do / After everything we been through / I love you but I don’t like you” — which act as leftovers from a conversation with a loved one. Only a minuscule of past anger seeps but enough to propel the assertive path which the notes are tuned to; blossoming from a juvenile, comic relief to a meditative realization of completion.

Courtesy of the artist

Moore’s vocals are thick with emotions and contemplation, but rich enough to satisfy the chill-hop soundscape. “i love you but i don’t like you” takes truthful mannerisms as a coming-of-age track and sees the artists as a bountiful voice in progressive pop.

Be sure to catch Moore live, Monday June 10th, part of The Sleeplust’s Residency in June, presented by The Satellite & The World Famous KROQ Locals Only.

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