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Chloe Tang Addresses Anxiety on Alt-Pop Track ‘Lame’

Chloe Tang addresses anxiety and comments attached to the mental obstacles on her alt-pop single, "Lame."

Los Angeles-based artist Chloe Tang continues to explore the alt-pop realm and even more so on her latest single “Lame.” Coming from a classically trained background on the piano from an early age, with the addition of a guitar, Tang’s niche caters to the bouncy and pop-centric mindset.

“Lame” though, melds an alt-R&B production while Tang’s pop-sedated vocals skip across bright guitar chords. The track features melodic vocal runs and a catchy hook, but even more touches on the reality of anxiety. Each verse paints a scene from canceling plans, not feeling motivated, and the guilt of letting people down — traits that anyone who has dealt with an anxious mind will immediately understand. Tang returns the comments of “being lame” into the core of the track while she dismisses the myth that anxiety is a feeling she chose.

“The song is basically shedding light on anxiety and trying to let people know it’s a very real thing and even though you make think I’m being lame, there’s so much more to it that that,” explains Tang.

“I’ve been accused of being too emotional, lazy, having bad work ethic, and so many other things in social and professional environments and yeah that sucks but in the end I don’t give a shit what other people think because I know my mental health comes first and these kinds of matters don’t have to be taboo to talk about.”

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