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Hallam London ‘Run For Your Life’ (Stop Homophobia!)

Hallam London delivers a sarcastic take on homophobic claims on his synth-pop anthem, "Run For Your Life."

Armed with a heavy dosage of sarcasm, Hallam London cuts homophobia claims on his latest release “Run For Your Life.” The artist who is a musical commuter between his homecity of Dresden in Germany, and Sheffield in Northern England, took on the homophobic claim that “sharing rights with LBGTQ individuals would mean dividing them for everybody else;” a debate on same-sex marriage equality which played out in Germany.

With that notion, London’s wit immediately plays on the false fear created and basks in the opening proclamation, “run for your life, save your family, ’cause we are everywhere.” Cruising  upon a reverbed vocal base before blossoming into a full disco, synth-pop dream, “Run For Your Life” enlists the freedom of dance to get the message out.

Dividing the narrative, London cleverly utilizes the double meaning of the track. The fear of homophobia that causes individuals to run doesn’t weigh down the pride that allows the community to run freely. Balancing motions for the dance floor with the messaging, London’s arrival is an anthem for all to sing triumphantly.

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