Sakura ‘Lovesick’

Sakura cruises through bright, indie-pop chords as she falls into infatuation on "Lovesick."

The throes of love can reflect as an insightful realization within yourself, to honestly just sucking. As the seasons change, a typical occurrence are the short lived flings of summer romances that walk this fine line. Sakura mingles the two halves for an upbeat indie-pop waltz, entitled “Lovesick,” that speaks on the the idea of falling into infatuation rather than love.

Sakura’s sweet indie-pop cadence aides the visual, directed by Richard Taylor, to depict the fast romance and slight tinge of despair. Live shots interlace youthful scenarios of the attempted — and failed — hand holding, to first interactions, which circle back to an anxious mind. Regardless of the upbeat, and somewhat happy-go-lucky charisma of the track, Sakura composes profoundly. Prior to the bright hook, Sakura slips her mindset from a thick tone to a dreamy enlightenment (“reality’s a sick fantasy”) for a seasoned take on the self-diagnosed ailment.

The track sees Sakura’s voice cascade effortlessly throughout the video and overall sits as a warm reminder of the joyous, however short lived, emotive pull of another’s company. Thematically paired, Sakura has curated a Zine/artbook which gives an extra layer of context to the track and video. Featuring behind the scenes photos and art submissions — that came as a result of asking artists to create a piece based on the title track — “Lovesick” takes on many forms and propels Sakura ahead of her upcoming tour.


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