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Sankaran ‘Communist Synthesizer’

Sankaran's "Communist Synthesizer" portrays the disarray of excessive usage of technology and shares a fan-made video ahead of APAHM Showcase.

The Echo Park locals, Jasmine Sankaran, Tristan Starr, Kevin Nash and Avi Ballo, have dabbled in a certain D.I.Y. ethos and social commentary on their debut album, Interesting Times, it only seems fitting that they would share a fan made video. The visual cultivated to Sankaran‘s “Communist Synthesizer” is a raw, but rather insightful pairing ahead of their APAHM Showcase tonight at Silverlake Lounge, and portrays the excessive element of robotics embedded into our lives.

Featuring scenes from Boston Dynamics, the initiative and celebration begs the question of necessity as a result of over circulated robots. The track’s original tongue-in-cheek demeanor, that waivers to a digitized awakening and upbeat overthrow, plays with different narratives that is well portrayed in the video.

Circling back to the lyrical contents of “no masters, no more lords,” there’s the advanced artificial intelligence’s mindset to now consider and adds the final Sci-Fi suspense factor to the track. Chopped to an indie-rock production and bleeding with of course, synthesizers, Sankaran’s outspoken ideals are the band’s greatest asset.


Catch them tonight for moonroom’s APAHM Phase featuring, Nadu, Sankaran, Shiro, and Shunkan at the Silverlake Lounge. Begins at 8 p.m., 21+, and is $5 upon entry. 



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