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a. harlana ‘American Boy’ (Estelle Cover)

a.harlana extracts the sensuality of Estelle's "American Boy" on latest cover.

Fittingly when Estelle released “American Boy” over 10 years ago, the sentiment was of a fresh environment and excitement in change. Juno Roome also shared this sentiment in a new county, adjusting to his surroundings as a youth. Connecting on a myriad of levels, Roome needed to cover Estelle’s hit to the styling of a.harlana.

What follows the dream-pop fluidity of his ada belle EP, released three months prior, a.harlana’s version centers on the intimacy of the track. Sensually poised with a confident gaze, Roome’s vocals are dimmed to the liking’s of bedroom pop and leaves a stirring amount of wanderlust behind.


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