EMÆL Dazzles on Balanced Disarray Single ‘Steam in the Faucet’

EMÆL reflect on the political climate with multi-faceted new single, "Steam in the Faucet."

The ever so meticulous sound-smiths, EMÆL, return with their multi-faceted single, “Steam in the Faucet” taken off their upcoming EP, Introspectre. Appealing on a vast amount of levels, the ensemble reimagine their signature sound and continue to find the perfect balance between ideals and production. Structurally built as a reflection of today’s political climate, the track’s well poured amount of musical disarray eventually walks towards an open-ended opportunity of peace.

Besides the modern freedom of electronic manipulations which are heard, “Steam in the Faucet” utilizes the sensibility and endearing sounds of classical instrumentation for a fluid variable within four minutes. The track comes as no surprise though, picking up where listeners left off from their 2018 debut album, Glasswork. From a soft indie platform, to the soulful quips of alt-R&B, it seemed impossible to be surprised by the next phase of EMÆL.


Yet, “Steam in the Faucet” does just that; surprise and instills the band’s signature sound in a fresh manner. Instantaneously washed in a melodic ambiance, deep orchestral plucks ground the free forming waves. Alyssa Belle Cantal’s gentle croon sits above the opening threads, teetering along the skewed tempo changes.

The moment where you’ve basked in the pool of bliss, the band’s avant-garde nature appears to either cleanse — picking apart their thematic political reflection — or wash for a new start. Open hi hat snaps and accents build beneath Emmanuel Ventura-Cruess’ cadence for a beautiful echo of electronic anarchy. Maneuvering through hard cut time signatures and ethereal coatings to get their point across, the band’s overall composure and theory seems to only get better with time.

EMÆL is set to release new music throughout the month. Stream “Steam in the Faucet” on Spotify and be sure to catch them live, May 24th at The Wayfarer and May 25th at SF’s PianoFight.


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