Talk Time Celebrate Misfits on ‘Year Of Self’

LA's Talk Time lead with "Year of Self" and an experimental pop debut EP.

Conceived from a warehouse in East Los Angeles, Talk Time revels in the stream of experimental pop and insightful themes throughout their debut EP, Year Of Self. What acts as an ode to the astronomer Galileo and celebrates “unique thinkers with the courage to live outside the box,” each track from the EP contains an uplifting ideology drenched in expansive, indie-pop layers. Leading with the EP’s title track that is equally coated and fueled by bright guitar chords and an adoring charm, it becomes relatively hard to not instantly become a fan of Talk Time’s sound and philosophy. 

Brimming with a sheen of optimism to those who don’t fall in line with the norm, the accompanying visual peels apart symbolic attributes to Talk Time’s messaging. The Danny Jelinek direction is built successfully from a minimal design. Opening with several bicyclists mounted on their stand, the apparent notion of taking part in this “race” of life can kill you when you compare your place to others or simply don’t follow their motions.

As the video progresses, the placement of each bicyclists changes and leads the videos’s main misfit to feel distraught and out of place. Reflectively in sync to the track’s lyrical content — “Hey misfit, stay true / In love with afternoons / Hey misfit, stay true / Evil comes after you” — we see his demeanor change and enjoy the simplicity of slowing down; enjoying life and living versus surviving.

Submerged with a nostalgically attractive production and dreamy, electronic bursts, Talk Time’s aurora is heard and felt on their visual, easily making them an act to keep on your radar.

Cover Photo: Hector Puig


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