Sorry Party Christen New Name and Singles at Highland Park Bowl [Photo Gallery]

Sorry Party unveiled their new name and tunes, Friday, April 26th at Highland Park Bowl alongside Doctrin and New Media. All photos by Tony Gonzalez, Occlusion Media, for GUM.

Celebrating their new name and double single release, Sorry Party, formerly known as Ned and The Dirt, took to the Highland Park Bowl and christened the walls with a new outlook on life and equally charged throttle of alternative rock. From the more emotionally backed to the happy-go-lucky sounds, Sorry Party showcased a youthful aroma of indie with a mature stance. Presented by HPB, OnThree Management and GUM, the night catered to the observance of starting over and fresh acts to keep an eye out.

20190426-_TGF8249 (1)
Photo: Tony Gonzalez (Occlusion Media, for GUM)

Kicking off the night was indie-rock four piece, New Media, who cruised through power chords while simultaneously providing a melodic soundscape for the crowd that trickled into the quaint room. Providing a heavier assortment of progression came by the way of Doctrin, who dazzled through their Gothic and romantic meshing of sounds.

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All photos: Tony Gonzalez, for GUM

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