Kiki Diágo Sensually Explore Love on Soulful Single and Video, ‘Sunlight’

Kiki Diágo capture the essence of love on their dreamy and soulful single and video "Sunlight."

Of all the romantic trophies, it seems that the eyes hold more than what they view. Inland Empire’s soulful ensemble, Kiki Diágo — Gael Jacobo, Danny H. Zapata, Andrew Plascencia, Ismael Trujillo, and Alex Brady — gorgeously put into perspective the essence of being in love on their latest single “Sunlight.” Peaking with sensual vocals, an immersion of Spanish, and the right amount of funk, “Sunlight” sweeps into a hazy summer realm.

Adding to the tranquil state of mind that the track embodies, the accompanying video sees a longing cross into a hopeful dream. Directed by Erica Ortiz with assistance in photography by Edward Tran, “Sunlight” features Sara Silva and Ciena Nelson as two lovers lost in the abyss of either past memories or fantasies to be relived.

Wants and desires become apparent from the arrival of The Lovers pulled from a deck of tarot cards, to the constant flame dancing from a ven a mi candle. Ortiz’s direction sees flawless transitions and blurs the line of reality. Lounging in Jacobo’s honey filled vocals, Silva and Nelson explore a myriad of senses in an isolation of love shown through clever focal moments. Panning out to the deep wonder derived from a R.E.M. cycle, there couldn’t be a better visual companion.

Ultimately, Kiki Diágo capture an essential moment of love and beautifully display the mental and physical eroticism. Through the simplicity of catching sunrays off your lover’s face in bed, to the playful innocence of a first touch, the band’s free-form instrumentation and soulful production highlight these initial and bare feelings.



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