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Indigo State ‘Time After Time’

OC's Indigo State share their contemporary and progressive track "Time After Time," filled with jazz and an unrestrained philosophy.

Halting but soaked in jazz comes Orange County’s Indigo State. The trio, that originally hails from Yorba Linda, comes across as an act who crafts from a rather pristine and logical standpoint, ironically due to the broad expansion within the jazz genre. Yet, on their latest release, “Time After Time,” Alex Grant (bass), Gabriel Barraza (guitar/vocals), and Nico Vasquez (drums/vocals), walk into a welcoming middle point of pop, jazz, and contemporary progression, that drips with an unrestrained philosophy.


“Time After Time” cleverly opens with caution, treading carefully with its instrumentation and grows by each second. A psychedelic breakdown connects each verse and flourishes throughout the track’s moods. Each member shines through their respective instrument — noting the tight drumming, deep bass ripples bass, and carefree vocals — to curate a state of zen. Coated with easy listening background vocals, which provides a soft and resounding touch, “Time After Time” reflects the progression of time through its various tempo changes, lyrics, and subtle time signature refinements.

“Time After Time” is also available on Spotify.


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