Smiling Beth ‘Float Into the Air’

Smiling Beth's "Float Into the Air" is an experimental shock for the weak mind and praised for the dead at heart.

One of the sweeter avant-garde artists, Smiling Beth, who is armed with keys, a cutting wit, and a dark humored mind, shares her “Float Into the Air” video taken off her 2017 EP, Tunnel of Love via Moon Chair Records. The follow-up, 4-track EP is Smiling Beth’s more centered collection, ranging from a soulful fluidity, indie arrangement, and darker undertones that only Smiling Beth can pull off. It’s beautiful and disturbing at the same time — noting the pristine production, charismatic vocals, and backing instrumentation — which makes Smiling Beth one of the more enthralling acts to witness live in Los Angeles.


While the track itself is a myriad of emotions, tugging at the throat of experimental filters and Smiling Beth’s alarming, yet pleasant vocals, the contrasting video is a comical relief. Though nothing less is expected from the artist, who is an obvious talent, and takes notes from past boy bands for the visual.

Shot and edited by Taylor Bybee, the video is a D.I.Y. splendor of not taking life seriously. Featuring Omar Romero, Storm Sixx, Maddie Forrest, and Smiling Beth, the obvious jab at the pop bands’ romanticized and cheesy moves from past videos cleverly juxtaposes the rather murky lines of reality: “One ear was listening and the other was breathing out loud. Two men behind me, what you gonna do now?” Pulsated through effects, Smiling Beth wails from distortion to classic strokes on the keys; stimulating in various ways.


In the end, Smiling Beth’s “Float Into the Air” is an experimental shock for the weak mind and praised for the dead at heart. Penned from a place that I’ve grown to adore, the artist equally scores her music from a different era, filled with anticipation for the next track. Finishing up stints throughout the states, such as SXSW, the artist heads to the East Coast for a 3-show offering, and returns to Los Angeles for a May show at Zebulon.

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