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Jeremy Jones Rises Above Negativity on ‘Intention’ Ahead of Mixtape Release

Jeremy Jones shares his final single "Intention" off his forthcoming mixtape, 'Late Bloomer.'

Jeremy Jones is a voice that doesn’t come around that often and intensely makes you watch their growth. For the last couple of years we’ve gotten the pleasure to listen to the Indiana-bred, LA-based artist and producer chop and skew samples, implement classical instrumentation, and take mainstream alt elements for a silky restitution of sound. With that said, it’s no surprise that the multi-instrumentalist was featured as a member of ScHoolboy Q’s orchestra in his Travis Scott collaboration, “CHopstix.”

Aside from the obvious tailored ear from the musician, Jones’ own musical project is where we truly get to see the artist shine. On his latest release “Intention,” Jones peels back the centered mind state for a vulnerable and contemporary take of R&B, while revisiting the spiritual essence that consumes Jones’ vocals with ease. Noted as the last single ahead of the artist’s debut mixtape release, Late Bloomer, “Intention” cleverly prepares listeners to Jones’ artistry.


While the track is seamless in its fluid production, Jones’ written composition sees a couple of different changes. Emerging from a chorale lead and soulful aroma, the opening lines set the scene: “Everything I love is gone / lost of vision, lost intention.” Playing on this visual, Jones continues to smoke the thoughts of others away “like a blunt” and wheezes from the inhalation throughout the track; referencing letting the talk of others sidestep your own path.

Cutting each cue and rearranging the pieces like a seasoned surgeon’s hand, the storyline meets meets Mr. Campbell’s reassuring interjection with experimental effects and propells Jones to the next verse. Revisiting past thoughts, we can hear a more assertive tone mid-way. Sonically, the track weaves in and out of moods while maintaining a zen quality and not only highlights Jones’ keen production skills, but his sincere personality and focused dream pursuit regardless of negativity being thrown his way.

With various singles that speak on Jones’ journey, the artist’s upcoming collection will reassuringly embody each step of the way and introduce Jones as a talented being filled with an untraceable light.

Late Bloomer is set to release May 31st, 2019.




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