Katie Ferrara Frees Herself From a Restless Mind on New Single ‘Hiding’

Los Angeles songstress, Katie Ferrara premieres her second single from her forthcoming album, "Hiding."

Penned from a restless mind and dismantling relationship, Los Angeles’ songstress Katie Ferrara shares a melodic release from the bitter aspect of love. Exchanging her signature guitar for a piano, Ferrara’s latest single “Hiding” takes a different sonic route than what we’ve previously heard.

Curating a difficult situation into a catharsis pop ballad, “Hiding” is a rather gentle goodbye of the past through Ferrara’s own freedom. Sharing the song’s creation which stemmed as a result of a toxic relationship, and the hesitation of leaving due to love and attachment, “Hiding” doesn’t weaken the aspect of the person staying, but offers a gentle, reflective tug of strength.


Led by a piano and a downtempo production, the expansive soundscape suits Ferrara’s vibrant vocals. Despite the track’s origin the track isn’t bittersweet nor drenched in anger, rather flourishing with hopeful bursts. Ferrara lulls from the heart of the track, “can you find me?”, rhetorically asking herself through the reflection of another’s eyes.

Visually captivating and written with a temporary ache, the chilling essence of regaining yourself is elegantly captured by Ferrara. Acting as the second single from Ferrara’s forthcoming studio album, Break Free, the spirited revolution which Ferrara portrays is a refreshing first look of what is to come this year.


“Hiding” will be available on all platforms April 19th and is premiering today on GUM. You may pre-order via Amazon and Spotify.


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