Amery Steps into Fearless Confidence on ‘Never Growing Older’

Amery steps into self-love and confidence on his pop-funk track, "Never Growing Older."

Being liberated from the perception of others is one thing, but to be liberated from your own habitual perception walks into a higher realm of freedom. Belgium-based artist, Amery, speaks his mind and seizes the comfort back in his own skin on the dazzling pop-funk track “Never Growing Older.” Trimmed with self-love and the cool confidence of a falsetto, Amery’s declaration ironically immortalizes our human nature.

Raised by his grandmother in Rwanda, the 22-year-old’s environment was strict and religious where pop culture was looked at as an “enemy of traditional values.” Despite this, Amery became influenced from the likes of Michael Jackson which led to an early immersion in music prior relocating to Belgium.

Being noted that the artist felt like an outcast in his community, under the philosophy that black men are expected to act tough, Amery came to the realization that his feminine side isn’t a trait of weakness but of strength.


This is where “Never Growing Older” steps into the light. Produced and arranged by James Lowland, the track’s immediate neo-fresh craft is intoxicating. Amery leads the conversation with himself in contemplation of the social commentary which shaped his environment. An electronic pulse mimics these constant thoughts as Amery’s falsetto shoots a renewal of life in the vein of the track.

A constant pop anthem that stirs forward thinking and wraps a listener in Amery’s worth easily reflects back. As the thoughts and way of life that may not be appreciated by others never age, Amery’s message is clear: don’t let them age and embrace them.


“This song is about me taking back control after battling with myself, and my fears, for so long. I wrote it while having a rough time trying to figure out who I am, burying and changing some parts of me. I came to the conclusion that I could never change who I am. All the things I have been through, the struggles and the achievements, make me who I am today. I’m that shy, young man who loves a good falsetto, ‘80s funk, pop culture, and androgynous fashion. I’m sensitive and have a strong female energy. I can’t escape these parts of me: they’ll be with me forever.

These are not weaknesses but strengths. These don’t make me weird but beautifully unique. Embracing that gives me the confidence I need, which doesn’t always come naturally to me. I hope I can inspire others to not be afraid to be themselves in return and to undergo their own journey of self-acceptance.”


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