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Laura Jean Anderson ‘On My Mind’

Laura Jean Anderson shares an unreleased single from her last EP, 'Lonesome No More' and continues the soulful cries of love.

Laura Jean Anderson made waves with her EP, Lonesome No More last fall and merged her sweet sound of Americana and classic rock and roll halves for a rather soulful collection. Of the artist’s myriad of singles that have been floating around during live performances prior and during the Lonesome No More era, Anderson shares the new single “On My Mind.”

Written on the road from Arizona to Los Angeles, Anderson’s new love inspired the bare and emotive chords heard on the unreleased single. As a result, unintentional provoked joy emerged during a moment of reflection and solitude. “On My Mind” continues the fear, wonder, and love which Lonesome No More captured with a captivating minimal production. Gently pressed against an acoustic, “On My Mind” dances generously towards soulful backup-like hymns and a fullness of realization. Led by a Anderson’s flexible and graceful tone, the track is a beautiful definition of happiness after a bleak moment in life.

“I was alone and with my dog at the time, after a string of bad shows. I was inspired by a new love that I had just dropped off at the airport and the melody and words came rushing into my head while driving on the 10 freeway. I didn’t have any paper and was also driving so I would write down lyrics on my thigh to remember. Whenever I stopped for gas, I would plunk it out on my unplugged electric guitar,” explains Anderson.


“It was hours of putting this song together, hearing it only in my mind and my thigh covered in pen marks, but I promised myself that whatever state it was in, I would play it at my show in LA that night. I had no idea how it really would sound. I finished it, played it that night raw and unedited and the song was as is. I tried to produce it and put the band on, molding it into many genres and styles and it just never fit.

“Finally, I just decided to record it stripped down, as I heard it while driving in my car – exactly like the first time I played it. Tyler Chester and I (with the beautiful singers J. Blynn & Pete Harper) went into an all analog studio and cut it live, no headphones, in the room. No edits, all to tape, 2nd take. Exactly how the song was intended in my head.”

Photo: Ellyn Jameson

Lonesome No More, via B3SCI Records, available now on 10″ vinyl here and can be streamed on most streaming services.

Cover photo: Ellyn Jameson


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