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Winnetka Bowling League ‘Slow Dances’

Winnetka Bowling League capture hearts on their pastel-pop single "Slow Dances" taken from their forthcoming EP, 'Cloudy With A Chance Of Sun,' due April 26th via RCA.

Despite being relatively new to the Los Angeles music scene, Winnetka Bowling League‘s pastel sounds have captured the hearts of many. Back from an East Coast stint and a recent packed show at the Hi Hat, the indie ensemble are back with the softened glitz track, “Slow Dances” taken from their forthcoming EP, Cloudy With A Chance Of Sun, due April 26th via RCA.

Penned as a diary entry of possibilities, the track seeks clarity at the end of a relationship after “obsessing over” different endings. Frontman Matthew Koma further explains, “Seeing the annoying as endearing in retrospect and hoping she hears the song somewhere out in the world and knows it’s for her.”

Koma croons to the likes of a whisper, gently narrating the quirks of a past lover and the longing. “I dream about you / the way I say I wouldn’t” leads the track to its analog bliss before coming to terms that she is still on Koma’s mind. Construed with the daydreaming aspect in mind, the hazy nature of the track slithers from indie to dream-pop.



Tied with a creamy fill, “Slow Dances” is a sparkling emo jangle that tugs at the heart with a happy-go-lucky hand. Winnetka Bowling League quip of heartache but relish the past for an enjoyable pop single.

Pre-order Cloud With A Chance Of Sun.

Cloud With A Chance Of Sun EP Tracklist:

1. “Kombucha”
2. “Slow Dances”
3. “Diane”
4. “Sixteen”
5. “Something In The Air”
6. “Cloudy With A Chance Of Sun”

Cover photo: Ebru Yildiz

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