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Adámas Declares Engagement in the Pursuit of the Dream on ‘Change It’

Los Angeles' Adámas share their empowering track "Change It" fused with their signature Afro Hellenic Sound.

Exploring the internal struggle, Los Angeles’ Adámas declares all to engage in the pursuit of the dream, and happiness, on their single “Change It.” The track becomes a restitution for any ideal left on the back burner and is fused with the ensemble’s signature Afro Hellenic sound.

Led by Stefanos Filippos Diamantopoulos, a.k.a. Phil Diamond (guitar/vocals), Alberto Lopez (percussion/vocals), David Goodwin (bass/vocals), and Evan Greer (drums/vocals), Adámas pulls from a variety different musical and spiritual influences such as Greek/Colombian/West African/Californian for a fresh aroma of tropical pop.


The moment the track begins there’s a flush of warm polyrhythms that encourage natural, fluid movements. Not as aggressive as other sounds within the field of the tropic genre, the carefree nature is a blissful, melodic breeze, glistening between verses. Guitars peek in and out of each declaratory stance and conform to an underlying shade of pop.

Carrying a bountiful bridge filled with expansive and electronic psychedelics, the track begins to take a life of its own with an uplifting charm. Noted from the band “to change whatever stands in between of who you were and who you want to be,” Adámas’ embodiment of self-love is delivered with care and needs to be heard with the same measure.

Look out for Adámas’ first EP, Liminal, set to be released this spring.


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