Grace May ‘Quiet’

Grace May returns with a tender alt R&B ballad, "Quiet."

Struggling in silence is a common story to avoid the weighty dilemma of bothering others. As the saying goes, misery loves company, so for most this is yet another reason to separate the two. Bringing these feelings to the center stage, Grace May narrates the burden and the overwhelming feeling of loneliness on her latest track “Quiet.”

Minimally arranged and led by the gentle lull of May, the track speaks heavily through its bare production. Although she notes that she intended the instrumentation “to be as raw as the lyrics,” there is a defined posture and composure on the track. The track is submerged in May’s heart but given a breath of life through the single’s meditative sonic ellipsis.


May sings from a tender and emotive stance to the likes of a folk story being spun from person to person. The isolation becomes apparent through her melodic spurts but doesn’t weigh with remorse, oddly offering a tinge of relief and hope. She cleanly matches the slow rhythm of the guitar for an alt-R&B single that is delectable from start to finish, with an essence of pop in each verse.

In addition of possibly seeing a cathartic release, May’s promising messaging to listeners is a gentle reminder that things do in fact get better. From her hometown of Toronto to New York City, we are excited to see and hear May’s musical journey.


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