Fémina Free Fall and Transmute Light on ‘Plumas’

Fémina share their final single "Plumas" before the release of their album 'PERLAS & CONCHAS.'

Since their debut in 2011, Fémina have captured audiences due to their immersion of Andean rhythms, hip-hop, Latin folk, and soulful social and political commentary. Comprised of Clara Miglioli and sisters Sofia (Toti) and Clara (Wewi) Trucco — who originally hail from San Martín De Los Andes in Patagonia to now Buenos Aires — the trio are back with the new track “Plumas” gearing for their album release this week, Perlas & Conchas, which was recorded and produced by British DJ and musician Quantic.

Working around the idea of Quantic being an outsider to Latin American music, Fémina wished to design their new album with roots of their home but into a new and modern sound. “The idea from the beginning was to get together and experiment, the four of us,” Sofia says.


True to the trio’s wants, “Plumas” is an assortment of stretched sounds and genres, pleasantly arranged. Construed with poetic lines and a pulsating soundscape that manages to pull in an electronic and world percussion, the track lingers and caresses like a platonic love. Minor guitar plucks redirect the weightless feeling the trio produce into a redefined conjuring of eternal bliss.

Dripping with a sensuality of self-love and retrospective charm (De lo que veo dentro / Lo dulce nace / Cuando te encuentro) the track’s mystical thoughts are fruitfully harvested on the production.

Each single continues to dig within a human, foreshadowing the album’s concept. Perlas and Conchas, translating to Pearls and Shells, sees the creation of a pearl as a prominent messaging for anyone; translate the darker moments, or like the shell, take a speck of dirt and transform it into something beautiful. Also reclaiming concha, a word often used for the female anatomy, the trio celebrate the power, essence, and freedom of womanhood.

Perlas & Conchas is out on April 5th, 2019.



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