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MINX ‘Female Dirtbag’

UK/NYC artist, MINX, returns with the devilishly smart and sexy track "Female Dirtbag."

Working between her hometown in London and New York City, MINX‘s assertion and cool cut of ’80s and ’90s hip-hop relays a distinguishable sound of comfort. The MC and vocalist returns with this comfort, alongside her signature “inclusive feminism” on her latest release “Female Dirtbag,” produced by Cooler Ruler Divine, for a devilishly smart and sexy single.

The track isn’t what it may seem, worth stating that MINX’s choice of words comes from the power of changing the narrative while showcasing the wants of women; they are there and nothing is wrong with that notion. With a Dave Chappelle inspired cover for the single, MINX’s wit and sultry charisma make the single an irresistible anthem as she bounces between a polished flow and a sweet melody.

For the majority of the track, MINX coasts through her sexual wants with a confident tone — “got a thirst I have to quench” — in the midst of scrolling through someone’s social media and glancing at pictures. From the modern normality of sliding in someone’s DM’s, to asking for nudes, MINX cultivates a smooth and “boombap banger” for the modern era.

Yet, on the other side of the coin, noting her inclusive feminism, the messaging isn’t just for women but essentially for all. We all have wants but if it is unwanted, you’re still a dirtbag, regardless of gender. MINX manages to shine a light on it all while maintaining a crisp sound.

Take a peek ahead of its May 24th release.

MINX (Courtesy of Facebook)


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