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Tercer Sol Balance Noise-Pop and After-Punk on New Releases, Ahead of First Full Length

Valencia darkwave outfit, Tercer Sol, return with two new singles and a visual in preparation for their well awaited first full-length, 'Lejos' via BCore Disc.

Valencia darkwave outfit, Tercer Sol, have been quiet since their last self-titled EP release in 2014. Heavily relying on darker elements of new wave and psychedelic from earlier releases, the latest offerings from the ensemble shift them in a harder and progressive direction for their forthcoming album, Lejos, due April 5 via their new home BCore Disc. Bestowing two new singles, and a visual to boot, Tercer Sol displays two things to expect from the new album: the energy and mindset of a punk with the sensibility of a mature heart.

Shaping with an ominous tinge of sounds, what appears to be a signature curation, “De Copas” is an after-punk punch and acts as the first arrival of new music. It becomes frantic like a pulsating heart beat anticipating a pause but counters the driving beat with moody, low vocals and a swooping, melodic break.


Without notice, the agile track transitions towards a harder tempo fluffed with noise-pop but dressed in the electronics of new wave. Countering this, the album’s title track relinquishes control. “Lejos” is immediately softer, cinematic, and retraces a darker idea and sound.

Thick synthesizer and subdued chords drown the lingering vocals and curate a weightless feeling. The accompanying video, written and directed by Paco Caballer, blurs the state of reality with past pain and deceit.

Playing with the conscious and unconscious state of reality is apparent in the video and matches these deep undertones of the track as it is explained by the band a week ago on Everlong Magazine: “En él nos muestran ‘dos capas de la misma realidad en las que una persona atraviesa la engañosa evidencia del día a día hasta llegar a las coloridas sombras nocturnas (In it they show us “two layers of the same reality in which a person crosses the deceptive evidence from day to day until they reach the colorful nocturnal shadows”).


After-punk with noise-pop, call it what you’d like, the Valencia quartet utilize the best of punk’s progression with modern bells for a cool display and hypnotic soundscape. They will also be playing this year’s Sound Isidro in Madrid, Spain.



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