Jude Rose ‘Before You Loved Me’

Jude Rose deconstructs elements of R&B and rebuilds them against a moody guitar on his latest release "Before You Loved Me."

Relevantly new to the Los Angeles scene but filled with a well polished sound that speaks of tailored time, comes Jude Rose: An artist who is refreshingly deconstructing elements of R&B and rebuilding them against a moody guitar. Luckily, today we are premiering the artist’s latest track, “Before You Loved Me.”

The track is a well documented slither of time as Rose is the orchestrator. It’s heavy with a mature sense of wisdom that only emerges from hurt and manages to have a hopeful sheen. Opening with guitar feedback for a raw portrayal, the slow burning glide of Rose’s low vocals and delicate finger plucking calls for a gorgeous stimulant.


Reliving past moments and composing a production to the likes of R&B, the scorn of a past love is inevitable, more so once again, the timing. Rose constructs a somber mood, but never bitter. It flourishes with consolation, clarity, and lingering lines, “maybe I was born to hurt for you,” and follows an honest narrative from which Rose pens from since his debut earlier this year.

Rose leaves us with an inviting aroma and a fresh take of what alternative R&B is capable of through its minimalistic magic and is definitely an artist to watch blossom.


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