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Introducing: Cynister Breaks Free on Anxious Debut, ‘Stuck’

Los Angeles new comers, Cynister, play on darker themes, anxiety and blend it with pop on their first introduction "Stuck."

Embodying a weary sense of fear, Los Angeles new comers Cynister play on this thread within their music and overall aesthetic. The three piece, led by Cynnie Jane alongside two undisclosed members who adopt white and black masks, unveil their first introduction, “Stuck,” as a sultry mix of aggressive pop with the the crunch and mindset of alternative rock.

The track revisits the changing sound of alt-rock from the mid 2000s and utilizes electronic instrumentation through a heavy tempo and sympathetic, lyrical plea. Despite the pop-influenced melody, the track’s contents simmer from anger, “I used to love em and quit em, I was a python in denim,” and a self-inflicted pitfall which follows, “but now I’m all out of venom.”


It sees Jane’s profound vocals stretching beyond comfort for a cathartic release. Even throughout the gentle moments of the verses, Jane’s thick tone is sustained but still awaits to break free. Electronic guitars, distortion and power chords take control of the track as it builds toward a blistering chorus and marries the internal angst.

“‘Stuck’ is about how anxiety and sadness can feel like a trap, like prison walls closing in on you,” explains Jane. “With this song, our hope is for people to understand that they’re not alone in dealing with these emotions. We all go through it.”

Stylistically, Cynister’s first look pulls from a darker wave of power pop and modifies it for today’s sound. The trio is a burst of energy and “Stuck” leaves Jane’s vocal thrust embedded in one’s head until their next release.


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