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Zāna Brushes off Advances on Barefaced Pop Anthem ‘Nah’

Zāna's latest single "Nah" is a fresh and sassy anthem for those moments when you simply want to have fun without any "gaudy grips."

There’s moments where repetitive explanations hold no gain. Based on several unpleasant interactions directed towards multi-instrumentalist Zāna, the artist’s latest release touches on those personal moments and curates a barefaced anthem of dismissal as she regains control of the situation. Ultimately, providing the soundtrack for her own night out, “Nah” caresses an effortless dance stature, which Zāna naturally leans towards, for a crisp, pop track.

Piping with a playful production — which one can assume stems from the horrible ideology that a woman’s glamour is an invitation for unwelcomed behavior — and straightforward lyrics, Zāna doesn’t beat around the bush. She isn’t there for you.

Regardless of the overall brush off, the messaging by the track’s break revolves around respect: “Didn’t you have somebody to teach you how to treat a lady like me?” Brassy, bold, yet still full of pop, Zāna asserts through a variant of strings and warm toned percussion that mirrors the artist’s Latin and Arabic musical influences. Zāna utilizes her deep vocals for total control of the track and fine tunes the sultry demeanor for a sonic quip.


With a video for “Nah” on the horizon, Zāna is set for a prominent year and a new way for us all to send off unwanted advances without wasting our breath.

“So, here is what I call my ‘sassy tune’ for all of the ladies who just wanted to go out to have a fun time without all of the ‘gaudy grips’ and ‘sinful sips.’ And for the men…well…good luck.”


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