Walking On Cars Share Video for ‘Coldest Water’ Ahead of Sophomore Album,’Colours’

Walking On Cars share their personal and erratic video for "Coldest Water" ahead of their sophomore album, 'Colors.'

Irish pop-rock band, Walking On Cars, share a personal track of confliction and contemplation that soar towards a cinematic production. The result is an erratic video for their single, “Coldest Water” taken off their upcoming album, Colours, due April 12th Virgin EMI/Play Nice. The track tackles frontman Patrick Sheehy’s relationship with alcohol, an aspect that has never been spoken about due to Sheehy’s values of music. “I wanted the music to do the talking and it was all a bit too fresh to be honest.”

Stepping into the limelight within the video, a feat that is normally not done from the band, Sorcha Durham (keyboards), Paul Flannery (bass) and Evan Hadnett (drums) join Sheehy through the instability of the video. Split between the ideal of staying sober to personally destroying it all at your own will, the video’s honesty speaks highly of the love that Sheey has not only for himself but of those around him.


“Coldest Water is the most bizarre video we’ve ever done. The contrast from scene to scene is intentionally fanciful. From a rave to funeral, from a fox to a fencing match. We love the randomness of it,” explains Sheey.

Regardless of the “bizarre” scenes, an overwhelming display of support is visibly seen and felt as the band accompanies Sheey to the rave, removing temptation. As emotions dwindle throughout the video, the expansiveness of sound pierce a listener with Sheey’s thoughts: “I used to be like that it’s not a long way back / Oh oh oh I used to be like that / It’s not a long way back / You should have seen how they found me.”

The band will release their sophomore album Colours on April 12th via Virgin EMI/Play Nice. You can pre-order Colours here.

Colours Tracklisting
1. Monster
2. Waiting On The Corner
3. Coldest Water
4. Somebody Else
5. Two Straight Lines
6. When We Were Kids
7. Too Emotional
8. One Last Dance
9. Pieces Of You

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