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Ayloul ‘Esment O Hadid’ (Cement and Steel) / أيلول – اسمنت وحديد

Jordanian band, Ayloul, return with a breathtaking new album, visual, and overall presence for the year upon signing with Universal Music MENA.

Jordanian band, Ayloul, return with a breathtaking album, visual, and overall presence for the year. Originally formed in Irbid in September of 2013, and taking its name from the Syriac word for September, the band continues their social commentary and profound symbolism on their latest album, Salute to Al-Ghor | سلّم عالغور. Leading with a stirring introduction on “Esment O Hadid,” and recently signed with Universal Music MENA, Ayloul’s well awaited return to the music world is seen with a matching sigh of relief from listeners and fans.

Its first offering “Esment O Hadid (Cement and Steel)” is an optic look at confinement and what the city holds while looking into the future: “In this city of illusions and discomfort / Distorted conversations diluting language.” A steady alternative-rock blend is the basis of the track as Oriental elements and strong Arab vocal runs provide a lush experience. Ra’ed Al-Tabari’s vocals are reminiscent of a traditional styling intertwined with an emotive, rock gut.


Visually, with the help of videographers, Zaid Khaled, Abedeljabbar Zaytoon, Abdullah Sharw, Aboud Rawajbeh, and edited by Haneen Aysha, the counterpart is an intimate look and welcoming of the band. Live shots and footage of practice and tour cultivate a deeper sense of the track juxtaposing lyrics, “You keep chasing your dreams / But when you seize them, they deceive you (بس لانك بتضلك تدور ع حلمك.. ولما تلاقيه.. حلمك بفلمك),” and leaving behind a hopeful residue.

Sincere moments are felt on the track’s break that isolate Al-Tabari’s tone and jump towards an upbeat groove. Bright hi-hats tantalize the 4 minutes and ultimately come to an abrupt, clean ending, solidifying the track’s polished production.

Stream the latest album, Salute to Al-Ghor | سلّم عالغور, here.


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