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Strangerfamiliar Reimagines the Delicacy of a ‘Flower’ on Feminist Anthem

Strangerfamiliar shares a spellbinding and retrospective take on the beauty of a woman on her latest darktronic track, "Flower."

Ilichna Morasky, the Chilean-Canadian brainchild of Strangerfamiliar, summons a call to a reality on her feminist anthem, “Flower.” Derived from the ideals and the worth of a woman’s beauty, which is “seen” as less during aging, the spellbinding track poetically portrays the cycle and pain through the lens of a flower.

“It examines a harsh societal reality and speaks to our resilience as a sex facing horrors,” explains the visual artist, “like abuse as represented in the lyric, ‘I sway when you’re happy / and when you are not / the winds pick up but lucky I have my roots to ground me.'”

Shot at a secret greenhouse in Montreal, the live visual companion resurrects Morasky’s lines for an abstract representation of growth and death. Featuring dancers Tamar Tabori and Amber Downie-Backas, who choreographed their “young buds” portrayal, each movement sees the two bend melodically and with ease to the ambiance weaved by Morasky.

Directed and produced by Mariel Scammell, the melding of mystic sounds with the artistic illustration becomes a delegation or regaining one’s worth. While the pain is shown for the understanding to outsiders, (But if I should be spared being plucked out of the earth / Before my time / I’ll wilt gently back to the dirt / And watch my petals fly, to plant a new seed), the survival breathes of beauty, wilting or at full bloom.

The invocation that is led by Morasky’s darktronic pulse looms over a drum pad, loop pedal, and vocal processor. Each women’s fingertips are dipped in soil for an invigorating representation of not only the continuous flower metaphor, but of a connecting thread of the personification of mother nature; the universal wisdom and life giving ability each woman holds.

Continuing to push forward with innovative sounds and conceptions, Strangerfamiliar is an artist who thrives on passionate and ethereal details while getting her message across.

A recorded version of “Flower” will be on Strangerfamiliar’s debut album set to be released later this year.

Cover photo: Liana Carbone

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