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The No. 44 ‘All My Friends’

The psychedelic rock misfits, The No. 44, return with a heavy new single "All My Friends," debuting ahead of their Southwest tour, in support of the new releases "All My Friends // Atmost" being released via Secret Soup digitally and on cassette March 15th.

Psychedelic rock misfits, The No. 44, return with a heavy new single, “All My Friends.” Debuting ahead of their Southwest tour — alongside Stranger Liquids and Lucki Aki— in support of their new releases, the quartet picks up amorously since their last EP release with a thicker slew of reverb, aggression, and layered conceptions.

Sharing their first single of two (“All My Friends // Atmost”) that are being released via Austin’s Secret Soup, digitally and on cassette March 15th, the first look at what is in store for the Pomona locals clearly demonstrates that nothing is held back.

Speaking on the track, frontman Dan Gee explains, “’All My Friends’ is a sort of confessional to being a fraud lyrically, wrapped in a heavy, dramatic, yet simple sonic cloud,” which peaks on the introduction. Quintessential chords open the track for a thick instrumentation which later break the track’s steady, iridescent flow. Sliding into a mid-tempo wave of delays, sarcastic vocals lead with the titular phrase, “all my friends sing so well / they see me, I see them,” towards a shuddersome tone.

Gee’s monotone croon further assists the disillusionment from their classic cut towards an enthralling, powerhouse vocal wail. The four minute display is anything but standard though, adoringly noting the track’s tempo switches, instrumental breaks, and velocity towards the end. Even though derived from the core of psychedelic rock, a progressive rock brew, especially by Evan Achen’s drumming heard in the final stretches of the track, make for a worthy, and rather addictive listen.

The No. 44’s full-length, Reflexive // Repeater, is set to be released fall 2019.


Cover photo:  Sade.img

Catch The No. 44, March 2nd in La Jolla for an In Your Pocket Presentation, and March 14th for their kickoff tour show in Los Angeles.



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