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Seramic ‘Keep On Breaking My Heart’

Seramic returns with a passionate offering on his latest release, "Keep On Breaking My Heart."

For the last three years, electro-soul artist, Marcus Foster — better known as Seramic — has been an artist that has caught my attention upon every single release. The London-based multi-instrumentalist, who once kept behind a guarded identity by his “People Say” introduction, has shared his first offering for 2019 and it’s elegantly, aching. “Keep on Breaking My Heart“, co-written by Chris Stracey leans on a minimal production compared to other releases, but embraces the story ability of passion which Foster crafts from naturally.

As the title suggests, there will be a distinguishable amount of pain exuded. Anyone who has been in love, with the concept or an actual person, will detest to similar throes of the heart. Not of heartbreak, but of an unconditional sense that comes hand in hand with acknowledgment. It’s this sense that Seramic and Stracey pull from for the slow burner, but somehow doesn’t read as regretful.


Transparent, sonic croons open the track for a signature Seramic welcoming, putting a listener at ease for the next step. Leisurely, electric guitar strums hold for a tender immersion as Foster’s narrative reads from a long, lost love letter: “Oh, so this is how it is now?”

The minimal instrumentation bares an intimate fit very early on, delicately mirroring Foster’s direction. With each heartfelt line of contemplation, the contemporary and minimal production transitions by the latter half into a surrendering of a stripped down version of alt-soul; taking the modern elements of R&B, contemporary adding pop, instilled with a heavy amount of soul.

Foster continues to recollect, “All the signs told us turn back / We both tried to deny that,” and smoothly melts into the track’s clenching falsetto. Filling up the space with mild synths, the ending’s morsel of hope is brought to life. A nostalgic brush of background vocals circulate around Foster’s loving tone back to its original opening threads.


Once again, anticipating new music, the direction seems to still emerge from the gospel and soul cultivation we’ve heard before, but with less electronic bells and whistles. In addition, Seramic has recently announced via Facebook that the accompanying video, which he has directed, will be released this Friday.


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