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LA’s Mobile Record Store, Mr. Good Boy, Teams up with Osaka’s RECORD SHOP Rare Groove for Vinyl Pop-Up Event

Mr. Good Boy invites Norio Sato of RECORD SHOP rare groove, Osaka for a 2 week long record pop-up store at The Good Liver.

Real music truly travels. The mobile vinyl store and music discovery outlet, Mr. Good Boy Record Cart has joined forces with Osaka’s Record Shop Rare Groove and owner/DJ Norio Sato for a two week pop-up event at Los Angeles’ The Good Liver to celebrate Japan’s vinyl culture.

For crate digging needs that will appeal to any music lover, the event will offer for sale hand-curated selection of original Japan Funk, Ambient, and City-Pop albums from the collection of Norio Sato and Rare Groove Osaka. A rarity of gems will include artists such as Y.M.O., Tatsuro Yamashita, Toshiki Kadomatsu, Akira Ito, Yumi Arai, and more.


The event will run from March 2-17, with a full slate of events set to compliment the album offerings, including:

Saturday, March 2: In-store DJ set by Norio Sato (Rare Groove, Osaka) and special guests

Sunday, March 10: Album pairing and tea tasting program

Sunday, March 17: Closing party


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