AR Ferdinand ‘On My Mind’ Feat. Geiste

San Salvador producer, AR Ferdinand, creates a lush soundscape featuring Geiste.

San Salvador producer, AR Ferdinand, emits a fluid wave of indie-electronic throughout his creations. On his last album, I, which is the most personal to date according to Ferdinand, he sprinkles funk, sultry R&B, and other worldly samples for an expansive soundscape. Leading with the single “On My Mind,” Ferdinand enlists vocals from french-psych crooner Geiste for an out of body, sonic experience.


“‘On My Mind’ is about escaping to a different place in your mind as we so often do,” says Ferdinand, and the track doesn’t delay in doing so. The modular production emerges as an ambient backdrop before transitioning into a slight post-disco shadow. Geiste’s breathy, honeyed vocals fill the pockets of space between bass and synths before the track’s build.

Next-wave and 8-bit inspo bites are prominently heard by the track’s chorus and begin to step into an ethereal realm of psychedelic effects, loops, and a whimsical deconstruction of tangible instruments. With soft breaks and smooth transitions, “On My Mind” curates to a wandering mindset.


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