Jennah Bell Transmutes a Broken Vision on ‘Another Louisiana’

Jennah Bell transmutes a broken vision on her tender, folk ballad "Another Louisiana."

Jennah Bell garnishes broken emotions, raw honesty and affirmations, throughout her discography — pulling elements from jazz and folk — it’s simply hard to dislike any cut released. “Another Louisiana” is a striking introduction to her first full-length LP, Anchors & Elephants, due February 22nd, and seeps with a levelheaded demeanor and tinge of emotive twangs.

Bell composites vividly, tenderly aching, and allows a listener to watch her trace each word; the very art of transmuting on a sonic realm. Minimally impressive that this feat is done with several acoustics being plucked, slightly colder than usual, Bell’s sweet yet rustic tone carries “Another Louisiana” to pages of a lost diary entry. Fragile and gorgeous, the track’s features continue to surprise upon each perpetual listen.


Tackling rudiments such as heartbreak, insecurity, vices, and “loss of innocence,” to name a few, there’s a wisdom caught within the “pains and pleasures of dancing through it in your 20s.” Bell explains on the LP’s themes: “I’d say, that in its entirety, this is how I got to know myself. And I hope that it comes across this way—that I’m a living, breathing, dynamic person who loves lots of things. And it seems simple enough, but I feel like—especially as a black woman—a lot of the commentary on the styles I choose or don’t choose, has a lot to do with what other people expect of me.”

Anchors & Elephants is due February 22nd and was mixed by Russell Elovado (D’Angelo, The Roots, Erykah Badu, Common) and with productions from Michael Haziza and James Poyser of The Roots.

Jennah Bell will also be performing at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, February 22nd for the LP’s release.


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