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Izzy Thomas Channels Frustration on New Single, ‘Trouble (Pull That Trigger)’

Izzy Thomas channels her frustration on explosive new single "Trouble."

London-based artist Izzy Thomas simply has had enough, rightfully so, and channels past frustrations within the music industry as a female into the glistening single “Trouble (Pull That Trigger).” Despite it coming from a particular place in Thomas’ life — stating “This track is a message now as an experienced artist, saying whatever doesn’t kill me, better run!” — she carries on this is an anthem for “anyone with a message to sing.”

The track takes an alternative pop kick towards a contemporary rock feel, immensely heard on its pop-chorus orchestration. There’s no argument that this track was built to be an anthem, immediately taken by Thomas’ brooding tone and the track’s industrial electronic beats.


Peaking to Thomas’ frustration, her fruitful belts pulsate the scrimmage of electronic and tangible instrumentation. In the midst of the fiery and raised tempo, the line that properly epitomizes the after of anyone’s message appears eloquently as “don’t speak, just listen.” There’s a disdained weight from verse to verse that Thomas carries, only adding more fuel to the empowering fire.

Striking as a key component of the track, the break is as potent as the build. A throatful growl leads a hymn to better days, and forewarns those to bring Thomas down to simply pull the trigger. If anyone needed more of a reason to fall for Thomas, as well as light a fire on one’s own backside, the eerie calm before the storm drive should be enough.


In addition of being a talented artist, Thomas also campaigns for Autism Awareness, which is another message that should be shared. From experience with her own family member having Autism, she performs in schools and colleges around the UK to young adults talking about what it is, how to recognise it and how we can all be compassionate towards people with Autism. “It feels great to use the power of my music to help get a message across,” explains the singer.


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