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Just Like Heaven…

...or hell.

Earlier this month, Goldenvoice announced a new festival, in what seems to be their new territory of Long Beach, that had all, including myself, extremely happy for the lineup. Boasting of the 2000s and dripping with indie-rock acts such as Phoenix, MGMT, and of course post-punk revival trio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, it seemed that this one day event was catering to a slew of adults that now have money and could never afford tickets during their own youth (I am not bitter).

Last Friday when tickets went on sale, fans reported “bots” and of a “terrible experience” simply trying to check out. What is now a deleted post on the fest’s Instagram, the festival simply announced it was “sold out” as angry fans took to Facebook to express their frustration.

Either planned, or to appease the “overwhelming demand” a new announcement that a second date has just been added, Friday May 3, as May 4 is now sold out. Going on sale today Friday, February 15 at 10:00 AM PST, starting at $99.00, the platform seems to be taking in their poor ticket platforms and the heavy feedback.

For the Friday date, one new artist has been added, Louis XIV, and the site has revamped its ticketing details to better assist buyers:

At 10 AM PST on Friday, February 15th you will enter a waiting room. The waiting room will give you a randomly selected place to enter the ticketing platform. Once in, you will be able to purchase (up to 4) passes available at that time.

PRO Tip for Friday: Turn your AD Blocker OFF

Early Bird General Admission – $99 +fees
General Admission Tier 1 – $125 +fees
General Admission Tier 2 – $150 +fees
General Admission Tier 3 – $170 +fees

Plain and simple: a General Admission Pass to Just Like Heaven grants you GA access to the festival. 

So, is this worth it? What seems to be a centered theme for those who don’t like the electronic pulse of Coachella, the line-up for Just Like Heaven is spot on. Yet, what bothered most fans were the Tier’s that weren’t clear last week (now broken up for round 2) and the demand for “one day only” urged most to pay the higher prices.



While others were a little more understanding and tried to present another side on the festival’s discussion tab of Facebook.


Once again, is this worth it? I’d ask who do you really want to see. If that artist isn’t playing anywhere else jump on this. If you’re a fan of this era and want to rekindle your youth and drown out adulthood, go for it, but it’s not worth the high level tiers for one day.

It’s still early on in the year and acts such as She Wants Revenge will be on tour (March 30th at The Observatory for $20).

Yet, as I say this and tarnish my chances of a press pass with this article, my new best friend below shares a similar sentiment.



Finally, I must also address the same question as the dear Press-Telegram shared: “How you gonna name a festival Just Like Heaven and not have The Cure play.”

Curators were lost and lonely?


All screenshots shown are from public posts on the festival’s Facebook page.

Cover photo: Phoenix (Martin Santacruz Jr., for GUM, Air + Style)

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