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Crow Releases the Unknown on ‘Go’

Crow reminds all what is on the other side of fear on her single "Go."

Stemming from the other side of fear, Argentinian/American electro-pop artist Crow makes a firm introduction on her heartening anthem “Go.” Dating back five years ago, the track’s original origins were silenced by former industry managers who prayed upon Crow’s young age, ignoring her own vision, and inflicting a fast-fashion mechanical sound that would dilute the art. 

Of the team of producers, Alex Fin chose not to walk a path of his colleagues and soon left the deal. The duo then began to work together with an abundant amount of freedom, reviving the track, and taking a page of inspiration from its messaging: “releasing what doesn’t serve you, and trusting the mystery of the future.”

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Crow (Amanda Adam)

Fittingly so, the track’s nature is a clear collision of this falling out and can run as separate timestamps. Early traces of an electronic percussion rattles and builds towards a profound bass line. Isolating vocals, Crow takes the lead and charges her spirited motivation on the track’s lush hook. There’s a sense of futuristic elements that are heard on expansive synths, fused with Crow’s declaratory tone for a sheen of a pop-anthem.

Despite outside voices who warned against leaving the deal, Crow’s freedom came on the other side of fear. Continual lines of encouragement — “as long as you’re moving, you’re doing fine” — are knitted with the fresh production. Crow and Fin walk an impressive line of electronica on the track’s bridge and sweetly wrap up the track’s drive.

Justifying that all fears are man made prisons, “Go” is a reminder what can be done on if you just take that first step.


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