Paria ‘Disappear’

Paria crafts a blissful indulgence of contemporary R&B on her latest single "Disappear" taken off her debut EP, 'Popsicle.'

Paria crafts from a blissful indulgence that waivers wonderment from a Scandi-pop root on her latest single “Disappear.” Taken from her debut EP, Popsicle, the Iranian-born, Norway-based producer and singer pulls heavily from surrounding environments for a quaint sound. Fusing her Iranian, Latin and UK-urban influences, the rest of the EP is a gorgeous introduction to Paria’s musical posture as the EP’s lead sets the tone for future releases.


The birth of the track sees Paria’s isolated vocals drip upon tender keys that initially come across as a soulful ballad. An electronic transition integrates two elements of Paria — the tangible and intangible — for a crisp, contemporary R&B styling that can be traced decades ago without the aged sound.

Paria then polishes the first verse for a neo-soul aroma, taking lead with her sophisticated vocal runs and honeydew tone. Revisiting a familiar electronic pulse, the track’s casual muting and redirection on lyrics deepens the impact. Paria circles around the hook, “I don’t want you to disappear, want you to disappear,” before landing on a modern beat.

Vocal infliction’s are sultry and vulnerable, tangled in layers and playful whistles which unexpectedly emerge. Each new listen awakens another sonic embellishment and deepened emotional growth of Paria. Ensuingly, “Disappear” is a habitual listen, strong lead for 2019, and silky peak into the mindset of Paria.


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