Taliwhoah’s Love Liberates on ‘Love Cycle’

R&B artist, Taliwhoah, shares a reflective chapter of hiding her sexuality before finding happiness on her visual "Love Cycle."

Staying true to yourself is where you will find your freedom. Before Taliwhoah found this state of bliss, the road was cemented, with what is assumed, a cast of fear. The R&B artist opens up a personal chapter of her life on the single and visual, “Love Cycle.” Facing a struggle that most come across, in terms of their sexuality, the track takes the artist’s experience of coming out to her own friends and family in a concentrated shot of what it truly means to be hiding and not allowing full happiness.

Self-directing, the personal touch and intimacy of Taliwhoah is prevalent. The video throws a viewer into the quarrels of love and internal battle stripped down to the simplicity of a home movie. “I want them to know who I am,” comes clear across in the opening scene as Taliwhoah is on the receiving end. Dipping into the pain of the track, the video swarms through late night thoughts and loneliness of hiding. A weightless, yet somber tone leads Taliwhoa to delicately reflect: “When you love someone, you don’t treat them wrong / you don’t break their heart / you just play your part, in this love cycle.”

Emerging from the epiphany of creating your own happiness, “Love Cycle” carries a victorious ending, or as Taliwhoah explains, “the triumph of a ‘forbidden’ love going against all odds to make it happen!”

Reminiscent of a past soul, to the likes of Sade, “Love Cycle” carries a minimal frame that caters to a immediate feeling that could only be crafted by Taliwhoah’s meaningful tone. The smooth production embraces while Taliwhoah’s lush vocals sympathizes to graciously immerse for a gorgeous delivery.

Photo: Marta Literska


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