Olivia Henry Regains Fierce Femininity on ‘In My Touch’

Olivia Henry reclaims her sensuality and desire on her latest single "In My Touch."

Olivia Henry reclaims her sensuality and desire on her latest single “In My Touch.” The Los Angeles-based artist fuses her past vocal training and neo-jazz influences for an eccentric blend of Hollywood Glam Pop, which was adored on her 2014 debut EP, Sessions. The sultry jazz-pop disillusionment stems from Henry’s frustration of men who play games. Pairing with primal instincts, the track walks this line towards a renewal of choice; at the will of Henry’s touch.

The artist continues to explain, “I wrote this song when I was frustrated with men who like to play games. I feel ‘In My Touch’ evokes a kind of raw feminine sexual power: a strength that I felt while writing it. I wanted to inspire a fierceness, a desire, a sexual need and anticipation.”


Organically construed from a symphonic frame “In My Touch” continues to allure with a grand nod at the past. Henry’s waterfall runs and potent cadence washes on the track’s break to be pulled up yet again for a pop-fused chorus. Honest lines such as, “I know I am an animal to you, and you’re a hunter and I like that too,” reaffirms Henry’s control of the situation, “no need to give me a head start, because I want to get caught.”

Eloquently, Henry’s display of lust and cravings that have been shamed as a woman, resurface to liberate. Bluntly crooned, “don’t fuck with me,” Henry’s message dances over tender piano keys. With a strong return back to the musical stream, Henry’s styling and tantalizing vocals promise a fruitful year.

Photo: Heather Landis

Henry’s forthcoming album, Part I—Expectations, is set to be released this March.

Cover photo: Justin Rosenberg


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