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sobhhï Fantasizes on Sultry TrapSoul Cut, ‘facts up (الحين)’

sobhhï's natural development of seduction and R&B has led him into his own lane of TrapSoul Nocturnal and continues on his latest track, "facts up (الحين)."

Sobhhï‘s natural development of seduction and R&B has led him into his own lane of TrapSoul Nocturnal. This meticulous presentation has earned him a loyal and growing fan base throughout his young career, softening any rough edges with a signature audible bliss of the nightlife. Cut from the same vein, the alt-R&B artist shares his latest track, “facts up (الحين)” and explores a deep sensuality of longing for someone.

Immersing the track with lines of Arabic and English, the craving that sobhhï’ desires becomes apparent regardless of language. A slower tempo burns underneath sobhhï’s whimsical vocals, which are covered in lustful visions, “cause you know I’d bend and break it / if you let me get you naked.” The posh production doesn’t dampen sobhhï’s intent, but in fact implements a loving shade beneath the carnal croons. Weaved so impeccably, Abgha ashofek alheen / Pull up in the limousine, it’s hard to distinguish the change from dialect throughout the duration.


Acting as the first track where sobhhï implements Arabic, the artist explains about the ideals behind the track:

“I was challenging myself to amalgamate urban contemporary music and Arabic in a way that felt natural. I want western listeners to hardly notice that I’m speaking a different language and for those who recognize Arabic to do a ‘double-take.’ The opening line is spoken in a dialect coming from the west strip of Saudi Arabia. This isn’t my native tongue, but by way of my music and my curiosity about the region and its culture, I am grateful to have made many Saudi friends over the years. They speak to me in Saudi and have become very close. Through them, I learned a lot about social issues, customs, and language. One night, I was speaking to one of my closest friends and earliest listeners from Saudi and she told me, ‘I wanna hear you speak Saudi.’ So I did… I don’t think she had any idea I was about to put it on wax.” 

Photo: sobhhï

sobhhï’s forthcoming EP, BLACK I,continues the color palette-themed EP series, and will be released February 19th.


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